What are the benefits of using an Umbrella Company Calculator? Read on to see why….

In recent years thousands of contractors have chosen to contract through an umbrella company. With increasing numbers of contractors choosing this route, naturally more and more umbrella companies have cropped up to meet demand.

Although it’s great that contractors have so much choice, with every umbrella company claiming to be the best out there, it can be confusing for contractors to know which umbrella company really is the right one for them.

That’s where umbrella company comparison tools come into play. Just as you’d compare deals on everything from household insurance to the best holiday prices, umbrella company comparison sites allow you to enter your details and preferences and instantly compare results.

Quicker, easier and far more intuitive than carrying out a manual search online, in this post Umbrella Broker explain why every contractor should use an umbrella calculator to find the best umbrella company for them.

1. Quick to compare results

One of the biggest appeals of using an umbrella comparison site is that they’re incredibly quick and easy to use.

Rather than spending hours manually trawling search engines for results, visiting each individual company website one at a time, an umbrella calculator allows contractors to quickly and easily compare a list of results side by side in one handy place.

An umbrella calculator takes all the hard work out of searching and even lets you filter results based on your own preferences and needs as a contractor – from whether you want benefits such as childcare credits to how often you wish to be paid.

What’s more, reputable umbrella calculators, such as Umbrella broker, allow you to create an account and save all your details, meaning you can go back to your results whenever suits you.

It takes just 2 minutes to set up an account and get your results. What’s more, we never take your details and call you later, we give you results there and then.

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2. Edit your results online

We know that with so many options available to contractors, such as whether to opt in or out of a pension, it’s important to know how these factors will impact your take home pay.

That’s why we allow contractors to easily edit their information and preferences online.  Once you have compared umbrella companies with our calculator, you will be able to change your answers and preferences and we will instantly update your results, to help you find the best deal from the best umbrella company.

For example, you might wish to know how much your take home pay alters depending on different levels of insurance cover. With Umbrella Broker you can easily edit your results to find these answers straight away.

3. Find reputable providers

Although most umbrella companies are reputable providers with contractors’ best interests at heart, unfortunately there are some companies out there who aren’t. That’s why it’s so important for contractors to ensure they deal exclusively with reputable umbrella companies.

Umbrella calculators like Umbrella Broker only register and work with reputable umbrella companies that can prove they have clear, honest terms and conditions. This means no unexpected surprises or concealed clauses, giving contractors peace of mind that when they use an umbrella calculator, they will only receive results that include the best umbrella companies.

4. Compare results based on your personal preferences

At Umbrella Broker we know that every contractor has a different set of needs and preferences. That’s why it’s so important for contractors to compare umbrella companies, all of which offer a different range of benefits, services and terms.

Umbrella Broker don’t have a vested interest in one particular umbrella company. Instead, we offer objective results based on your personal preferences to ensure you find the best umbrella company for your circumstances and situation.

Some contractors are looking for extra levels of insurance cover, some are looking for childcare credits and some want added pension benefits. Whatever it is you are looking for, as every umbrella company offers different benefits, manually searching for the right umbrella company for your needs can be a mammoth task.

An umbrella calculator makes it extremely easy to input your preferences, such as the benefits you wish to receive, and generate results based on your needs. This helps to differentiate between thousands of companies in a crowded market, refining results to suit you.  

5. Compare pricing – and more

Pricing is an important factor for contractors choosing an umbrella company. After all, every contractor wants to get a fair deal and not be paying over the odds.

Umbrella calculators make it super easy to compare prices in one handy place. We will even show you your payslip and take home pay online, highlighting a breakdown of your income tax, national insurance and umbrella fee payments, as well as any tax credits and pension contributions.

But, we realise that pricing isn’t everything. As we’ve mentioned, many contractors are looking for additional benefits and have their own set of preferences. That’s why we not only show you pricing, but also clearly break-down what you get for that price. This allows you to make an educated, informed decision taking all factors into account.

To make the decision-making process even easier, we will also show contractors an umbrella company’s review rating too, so you can rest assured you are choosing a great company.

Use Umbrella Broker’s Contractor Calculator to find the best results

At Umbrella Broker we only work with the industry’ best providers to ensure you get the best service for the best price. We help find the perfect umbrella company for you and your needs, after all, not all umbrella companies are created equal.

Our Umbrella Company Calculator makes it quick and easy for contractors to compare companies in just 2 minutes. Why not try it out today?

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