In this article we look at how to calculate your take home pay using an Umbrella calculator. When it comes to contracting under an umbrella company, every contractor needs to have a clear understanding of what services they will receive from the company, how much they will charge in fees and how much their take home pay will be.

That’s where an umbrella calculator comes in handy. Umbrella company calculators give contractors a comprehensive oversight and breakdown of exactly what they will receive, pay and earn under that particular provider. This makes it super easy for the contractor to pick the best umbrella company for their needs whilst understanding exactly what their take home pay will be.

Calculate your potential take home

In this post, Umbrella Broker explain how every contractor can use an umbrella company calculator to work out their take home pay and find the best company for them.

 Why use an umbrella calculator?

An umbrella company calculator takes the hard-work, hassle and stress out of finding and choosing the right umbrella company.

Rather than spending hours browsing the web researching different umbrella companies, an umbrella calculator allows contractors to input their details and generate a list of umbrella companies in just 60 seconds. It’s that easy.

Umbrella company calculators make it easy for contractors to:

  • Quickly compare results: one of the biggest appeals to using an umbrella comparison site is that they are quick and easy to use.
  • Compare results based on your personal preferences: we understand that every contractor has a different set of needs and requirements. That’s why it’s key that contractors compare umbrella companies, all of which offer a different range of benefits, services and terms. An umbrella company calculator makes this really easy to do and helps contractors find the best umbrella company for their needs.
  • Compare umbrella company fees: pricing is an important factor when it comes to choosing an umbrella company. After all, every contractor wants to get the best deal and not pay over the odds. An umbrella company calculator makes it quick and easy to compare umbrella company fees in one handy place.
  • Find out your take home pay: our umbrella calculator shows you exactly what your take home pay will be under that particular provider.

How does an umbrella calculator work?

At Umbrella Broker we make umbrella company comparison easy. In just 1 minute our umbrella calculator enables contractors to:

  • Compare the best umbrella companies out there
  • Edit your details to see how this impacts your results
  • Save your results so you can go back and revisit them whenever suits you
  • Choose the best umbrella company based on your preferences
  • View your payslip to see a breakdown of how much you will take home under that umbrella company

How to use our umbrella company calculator to work out your take home pay

By simply inputting a few key details about yourself, our fully automated umbrella company calculator will show you exactly how much you will take home with your chosen provider.

We never take your details and phone you later, instead giving you instant results so you can view your net take home pay straight away.

What’s more, we realise there are tons of options available to contractors that can affect their take home pay. That’s why we let contractors go back and change their details and answers to see how this will impact their results.

For example, you might want to know how much your take home will differ depending on your pension contributions. We let you change your details and preferences to find the answer straight away. You can even save your results and come back later.

Use our umbrella calculator to view your payslip

Our handy umbrella calculator shows contractors what their payslip would look like under a specific umbrella company.

We offer contractors a comprehensive breakdown of their income tax, national insurance, umbrella fee payments and any additional costs such as pension contributions or childcare tax credits.

We make it easy for you to compare what your take home pay will look like under different umbrella providers, so you can make an informed decision and find the best umbrella company.

Again, contractors can edit their results and answers to see how this will impact their payslip to help find the very best deal for them.

Only work with the best umbrella companies

As well as helping contractors gain a full understanding of what their take home pay will look like, our umbrella calculator also helps to find the best umbrella companies out there.

At Umbrella Broker, we only ever work with the industry’s most reputable umbrella companies to ensure that every contractor gets the best possible service for the best price. That means that you can rest assured that the company you choose is trustworthy and reliable.

We clearly show each umbrella company’s star rating to help further inform your decision.

Ready to use umbrella broker’s umbrella company calculator to find your perfect umbrella company?

Our Umbrella Company Calculator makes it quick and easy for contractors to find out how much they will take home under different umbrella providers in less than 60 seconds. Our calculator will show you your exact income based on your current rate and chosen provider and we will even provide you with a payslip so you can view a clear and concise breakdown of what you are paying. A no fuss solution to calculate your take home pay.

What’s more, contractors can easily toggle and change their answers and details to see how this will impact their take home pay, making it easy to see what they can do to increase their pay. Unlike other services, we won’t take your details and call you later. Instead, we offer instant results to help you make a well-informed decision. Why not see what we can do today?

Calculate your potential take home