In recent years contracting has become a popular route for thousands of professionals in the UK. Of this group, many contractors have chosen to operate under an umbrella company.

Utilising the services of an umbrella company has become an increasingly appealing option for contractors looking for the freedom to choose what contracts they work on and when coupled with the stability and benefits of being an employee.

As umbrella companies have grown in popularity, more and more have opened their doors in recent years. Although it’s great for contractors to have choice, there is also a lot of noise out there, with each umbrella company claiming to be the best.

That’s where Umbrella Broker’s umbrella company calculator comes into play. With our handy calculator, contractors can quickly and easily enter their preferences and generate a list of umbrella companies that will best suit their needs.

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In other words, contractor calculators take the hard work out of finding the best umbrella company, meaning contractors can get on with the project at hand.

In this guide, Umbrella Broker explain how every contractor can use an umbrella calculator to find the best deal in crowded market.

Use an umbrella company to find the best deal for you

Here at Umbrella Broker we understand that every contractor wants to find and work with the best umbrella company for their needs.

When it comes to the best umbrella company, there’s no one size fits all. After all, every contractor requires different things from a company. That’s why it’s so important to do your research to find the best company for your needs.

To make the process quick and easy, an umbrella calculator will take the contractor’s personal preferences and generate a list of companies side by side for the contractor to compare. The calculator will list the companies’ fees, their rating and what services and benefits they offer to help every contractor find the right fit for them.

Compare umbrella companies quickly and easily

Unlike carrying out a manual search of the web, flicking between multiple tabs which takes time, energy and effort, an umbrella calculator is quick and easy to use.

In just 60 seconds, our umbrella company calculator enables contractors to input their details and generate a comprehensive list of results based on their personal preferences. After all, no two contractors are the same. Some are more concerned with service level, others with compliance.

The best umbrella calculators, like Umbrella Broker’s, also allow contractors to change and edit their information and preferences to see how these changes will impact their results.

We also allow contractors to save their results making it easy to revisit them at any time.

Easily compare umbrella company prices and take home pay

When it comes to choosing the best umbrella company, fees will inevitably play a significant role in the decision-making process.

After all, no contractor wants to be paying sky high fees for minimal service. In a similar vein, sometimes the cheapest option isn’t always the best as these companies can fail to offer certain services and benefits that the contractor will then have to fork out for themselves.

That’s why it’s crucial that contractors can easily compare different umbrella companies’ fees and see clearly what services are provided in exchange.

Again, that’s where an umbrella company calculator comes in handy.

Umbrella Broker’s umbrella calculator not only shows and compares the umbrella company fees, we also offer contractors a comprehensive breakdown of what their take home pay will be under each company. We lay out how much tax and national insurance contributions you will pay, as well as any other additional payments such as pension contributions.

Clearly laying out the companies’ fees and the contractor’s take home pay, we make it easy for contractors to make an informed decision on the best umbrella company for them.

Find the best umbrella companies based on your personal preferences

Although price and cost are major factors in the decision-making process, it is also important that contractors choose an umbrella company that caters to their needs.

As we’ve mentioned, every contractor is different and requires different levels of service from an umbrella company.  We therefore make it easy for contractors to compare umbrella companies based on their personal preferences, whether that’s help with childcare credits or increased holiday pay.

This saves a lot of time browsing the web for the perfect company, instead giving you a list of well-suited companies in just one minute.

Only compare the best umbrella companies

With so many umbrella companies out there, it can be a daunting task to find a company you can rest assured are trustworthy and reputable. That’s why at Umbrella Broker we only ever work with companies that are honest, transparent and reputable.

That means when you use our umbrella company calculator, you can be sure that you are comparing only the best umbrella companies that have a proven reputation.

By working only with these trustworthy umbrella companies, our umbrella calculator can save contractors a lot of time and energy researching companies to ensure they are legitimate.

Ready to use Umbrella Broker’s Umbrella Calculator to find the best company for you?

Our quick and easy to use umbrella calculator has helped thousands of contractors find the best umbrella company for their needs. We are completely impartial and only work with the best umbrella companies that we know we can trust to help all our customers find the best deal.

Whatever your contractor needs, from service level to compliance, our handy calculator will help you find the perfect fit in just 60 seconds. Input your details and see how Umbrella Broker can find the best umbrella company for you today.

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