With all the benefits of contracting, from increased flexibility to being your own boss, what can you buy the contractor in your life that seemingly that has it all?

In this article, we’ve put together 5 gifts to make every contractor’s life that whole lot easier this Christmas.

Give the gift of time-tracking

Give a contractor the gift of time this Christmas with a super handy time-tracking app.

Whether a contractor works under an umbrella company or through their own limited company, they are all required to submit timesheets in order to get paid.

Thankfully, there are tons of amazing time-tracking apps out there that make the process an easy one.

What’s more, tracking is also a great way for contractors to better understand how long projects and tasks will take them, making it easier for them to estimate and allocate time for future projects.

Some of our favourite time-tracking apps available on monthly subscriptions include:

  • Harvest: this is a great option for contractors who work in a team. Designed to handle a collaborative workload, Harvest tracks and organises your team’s time. Members of the team all run their personal timekeeping clocks, the information from which is communicated back to the administrator of the account. Harvest can set reminders for team members to submit timesheets, from which the owner can edit, review and approve. This handy app will then turn your billable time into invoices which can be sent directly to the client.
  • FreshBooks: although perhaps better known as accounting software, FreshBooks also offers a time tracking app. Within the app, contractors have the ability to generate reports on how they spend their working hours, track their expenses and send invoices straight from the app to the client.
  • Timely: lets contractors schedule and track time in one handy app. Either log an entry manually, run a timer or plan in advance how much time you expect to spend on a project.  With a handy calendar view and the ability to work collaboratively, this is a great option for contractors who prefer to use a calendar style app.

Never run out of room again with extra cloud storage

Reports, spreadsheets, images, videos and voice notes – contractors have a lot of data and documents to juggle. That’s why most bog-standard computer storage capacities just won’t cut it.

Give contractors the gift of more space this Christmas with extra storage for their documents via cloud storage systems. From Dropbox to iCloud, cloud storage systems can save a contractor lots of time and hassle.

What’s more, cloud systems such as Dropbox make it super easy for contractors to access their information on the go, perfect for contractors that are constantly on the move. Plus, no more trials and tribulations trying to access that all-important spreadsheet on-site.

Always stay charged with a portable charging block

As we’ve mentioned, contractors are often on the go, working between locations, from the office to site and back again. They’re often also highly reliant on their mobile phones, needing them to take notes, carry out phone calls, refer to their calendars and keep on top of emails.

So, isn’t it annoying when you set off on your way to meet the client, just to find that your phone battery has died? That’s where power banks come in super handy.

Contractors can simply pop the power bank in their bags, briefcases or pockets and make use of them when they’re running on empty.

There are tons of power banks on the market, in all different shapes and sizes and across all budgets. Here’s a list of the best power banks of 2019 to help you decide which is the best option for the contractor in your life.

Stay on top of your game with a Voice Service Personal Assistant

Contractors are busy people with lots of plates to juggle at any one time. Considering that not every contractor can afford the luxury of a personal assistant, investing in a voice service assistant may be the perfect option.

These devices are super useful for helping contractors multitask, organise their day to day tasks and keep on top of their to-do lists.

From Amazon’s Alexa to GoogleHome, contractors can simply speak to the voice-controlled devices, asking them to add meeting to their diaries, send messages to co-workers, add reminders, make calls and even find out what the traffic is like outside.

These devices can be a life saver for contractors, helping prevent any important dates or critical tasks slip through the net.

Keep refuelled with a Travel Mug

With a lot of hard work and a dose of caffeine, great things can happen. Whether the contractor in your life is constantly on the move, or simply in need of a pick me up on the train to work in the morning, investing in a thermos travel mug gives contractors the warming cup of coffee they need to start the day right.

What’s great about travel mugs is that they keep drinks warm for hours, perfect for contractors that spend a lot of time of site, or even those who just constantly find themselves getting side-tracked.

Again, there are loads of options out there to suit all budgets and tastes, but here’s a great round-up of the best travel mugs on the market this year.

The gift of an umbrella company that’s just right for you

One of the best gifts a contractor can receive this Christmas is the gift of an umbrella company that’s perfect for them. At Umbrella Broker we compare the best umbrella companies online, offering instant results displaying your net take home pay, the impact of any benefits available to you and the taxes you will pay too. Get in touch today for the perfect gift for the contractor in your life.